R.T.S. ROCHEM® Sewage Systems

Cruise Ships, Merchant Ships, Yachts and Offshore Platforms


The combination of a high density biomass reactor with the UF module system for ultrafiltration forms the operating unit of the Membrane Bio Reactor ROCHEM MBR which gives many advantages for waste water treatment.

Rochem Solution

The efficiency of the Membrane Biological Reactor allows for the purification of black water on ships to achieve a quality superior to the international limit values for contaminants imposed by MARPOL/IMO.

Therefore the environmentally sound purified waste water can be discharged overboard in any harbor or coastal area.

Ahead of the Regulations

The Rochem Group have developed systems that are ahead of the Marpol certificate standards.

The Rochem Membrane Bio Reactor (MBR) combined Black & Grey waste water treatment systems not only meet IMO/Marpol standards, but also meet discharge regulations for Miami Dade County surface water, US Coast Guard, US Public Health, Lloyd’s and all current and forecast future standards.
The system is designed to treat combined Black & Grey waste waters from sewage, galley, accommodation and laundry grey waste waters.

The process in principle is essentially the same for 20 persons or 4000 persons by (to simplify) changing the number of bioreactors and membrane modules to suit the waste water volume.
The main components of the combined black and grey water treatment plant are the pre-filtration stage, bioreactor segments and the ultrafiltration modules. The clean effluent (filtrate) is passed to a small tank for further use or discharge. The bio-waste/excess sludge produced in the aerobic digestion of the black- and grey-water ingredients is collected in a bio-waste tank for disposal or further treatment such as drying and or incinerating, etc.


Do not need any chemicals to meet the specific values of the most stringent international requirements, such as IMO resolution


ROCHEM MBR Membrane Bio Reactor 140 m³/day

Design and Construction Standards

The ROCHEM RO Fresh Water Generators are designed, fabricated and approved according to the following National and International Standards:

  • DIN - (German Industrial Standard)
  • VDE - (Association of German Electricians)
  • VDMA- (Organisation of German Mechanical Engineers)
  • IEC - International Electric Standards for Electric Motors
  • ISO - International Standards

The ROCHEM RO units are designed and constructed to fulfil the requirements of the following Classification societies:

  • Germanischer Lloyd
  • Lloyds Register of Shipping
  • American Bureau of Shipping
  • Det Norske Veritas
  • Bureau Veritas
  • RINA Certificates for high pressure hoses