ROCHEM® Membrane Water Treatment Systems

The ROCHEM group of companies was founded in 1973 and ROCHEM first introduced Reverse Osmosis into its product line in 1982.
The ROCHEM RO plants are shipboard system favourites: over 2000 installations with varying capacities, including the NATO Navies, are in daily use all over the world.
In 1989, ROCHEM entered the industrial leachate (liquid toxic waste) treatment market for landfill locations, one of which was Schonberg, the largest waste disposal site in Europe.

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ROCHEM® Reverse Osmosis Freshwater Generators

Industry leading technology from Rochem enables shipboard water purification from virtually any water source.

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ROCHEM® Sewage Treatment Systems

Proprietary Bioreactor developed by Rochem based on the company’s experience with on board and offshore related water treatment technology since 1982.

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ROCHEM® Landfill Leachate Systems

Rochem plants for the treatment of landfill leachate are designed in standardized systems. The plant concepts are based on many years of broad experience in the treatment of leachate.

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ROCHEM® Effluent Treatment System

Saves gas turbine and process compressor operators a lot of money in complying with costly pollution regulations while maintaining plant efficiency at the highest possible levels.

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ROCHEM® D-W Generator

Rochem Technical Services ensures the highest water quality for all your compressor washing requirements

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ROCHEM® The Globe WS01 Membrane Filtrator

Safe drinking water for everybody from surface water.

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