ROCHEM® Globe WS01 Membrane Filtrator

The System WS 01 is used to produce drinking water by membrane filters: nanofiltration (NF 3 A).
The clean water is forced by the pump pressure to overflow the membrane filter. The membrane filter separates ions, macromolecular, solids, organic compounds, viruses, colloid, bacteria, etc. out of the raw water resulting a stream of drinking water of high purity. The separated impurities are returned with the retentate back to the source.

Structure of the system

The system consists of a membrane filter module, an electrically operated pump, and a reservoir for the drinking water. In addition, the system has sensor for the monitoring of fluid flow in the pump. The dry running of the pump is prevented by a flow switch.
Pumps are diaphgram pumps for nanofiltration. With these pumps a pressure in the filter area of approximately 6 bar (membrane filtration) will be reached for nanofiltration.
The pump used are self-priming (self-priming within aout 2 m). The system pumps the drinking water produced into a water tank which is equipped with level sensor for monitoring the liquid level.

The pump generates a fluid flow until the upper level sensor switch is reached. The drinking water can be taken until the pump is switched on by reaching the lower level sensor again.
The pure water occurs as a result of pressure in the filter chamber through the membrane filter.
The pressure in the filter chamber effects the flux of the cross flow. Higher pressures lead to greater permeate flow frm the filter chamber.
The pressure of the filter chamber can be increased by closing the throttle valve. However, this affects the cross flow in the filter chamber.

The system presented here requires a cross flow respectively of 300 l/h automatically keep the membrane filter clean.