ROCHEM® Sewage Treatment Systems

The efficiency of the ROCHEM® MBR (Membrane Biological Reactor) allows for the purification of black water on ships to achive a quality superior to the international limit values for contaminants imposed by MARPOL/IMO. Therefore the environmentally sound purified waste water can be discharged overboard in any harbor or coastal area. NO chemicals needed for operation !

Equipment in accordance with IMO resolution MEPC.227(64) and in accordance with Helsinki Convention (IMO TYPE APPROVAL 2016-2022)


The ROCHEM® MBR systems for naval surface ships are designed to fulfill all Naval requirements, such as shock resistance, EMC low, airborne and structure borne noise emission, a-magnetic design, etc. according to NATO STANAG regulations.

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Cruise Ships

The ROCHEM® MBR system is designed to treat combined Black & Grey waste waters from sewage, galley (after grease trap unit), accommodation & laundry grey waste waters.

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Yacht builders/owners internationally including Royal De Vries / Feadship / Azimut Benetti have conctracted the ROCHEM® MBR Systems for their Luxury yachts.

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Merchant Ships

Rochem serves the needs of the ship’s crews for environmental-friendly waste water treatment.

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Research Vessels

The ROCHEM® MBR System not only meet IMO/Marpol standards, but also meet discharge regulations for Miami Dade County surface water, US Coast Guard, US Public Health, Lloyd’s and all current and forecast future standards.

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Offshore Platforms

For treating all the black and the grey water generated on board by the crew.

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